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The Beijing DaHua transport company has 37 large-scalefreight vehicle of 7-12.5M, is engaged in Beijing and Shanghai, Beijing Guanzhong,the Beijing HaErbin, YunNan, GuiZhou, Sichuan and the extension line of transportation service.

The DaHua Corporation seriously promise to your firm:
 1. Serves high quality: Firmly obeys your firm's instigating, DaHua Corporation regards your plant in every branch office of each big city is God similarly.

 2.Price inexpensive: The inexpensive transportation charges were equal to reduces your firm's cost, enhances your firm's competitive power in market, your plant benefit also is our benefit.

 3.Safety control: The strict management adds on the high quality of the driving personnel and the fine performance vehicles, are enhance the security .

 4.Charged affaires insures: The Chinese Pacific Ocean insurance company and the DaHua transport company cooperates for sixyears.

 5. Loss compensation: Every once appears the loss in the transportation process, Our company undertakes all economic losses and the legalliability.

 Our company and the Beijing traffic department were passing the continent area development to establish a freight transportation center (Beijing Ba Da Tong freight transportation center),Our company hopes into your firm the firmness Strong backing. Our address is west Tong state area northern BeiGuan HuandDao a kilometer .

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